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Marketing Circle is a digital marketing consultancy offers e-Marketing planning & support, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Logo designing & corporate slogan,Online corporate branding,Web marketing strategies development and deployment , Web content writing, Link building, Online marketing research and market study.We support and share our professional expertise with the business community to fulfill their strategic marketing objectives. Our mission is to support the businesses to achieve their marketing objectives in a competitive way. There are shared marketing practices around the globe that could bring desired results in achieving the business goals and objectives of local or an international enterprise. There are rapidly changing marketing concepts and strategies that have to be practiced and implemented time and again. Our valuable clients could idealize and trust our services.We aim to create the awareness among today's marketing professionals to move and work on their developments to achieve the organizational marketing objectives and make their way towards a promising future. 

The changing scenario in the marketing discipline where more technical roles are evolving and the responsibilities of the employees are having diversified turnaround emphasizes towards adapting the analytic and futuristic approach. In view of the prevailing circumstances it's essential to have a comprehensive knowledge about marketing education, professional development. You may find here the list of  Marketing Books, Journals, Whitepapers. Marketing Automation Tools, Slides, PDF Resources and Worksheets are here to share with you the best marketing practices. Marketing Vocabulary & Abbreviations are here to support you and a list of Marketing events available here that you would definitely like to attend. 

Digital Marketing, Database Marketing, Article Marketing, Marketing Engineering, Transactional Marketing, SEO, Social Media Strategy, Metrics & ROI, Green Marketing, B2B Marketing, Catalog Marketing, Content Marketing, Cause Marketing, Benchmarking , Marketing Intelligence, Customer Life-Cycle Marketing, Customer Life Cycle Management (CLM), Experiential Marketing, Blogging Strategy, Community Conferences, Consumer Electronics, CRM, Corporate Blogging, Social Networking , Referral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Clutter Marketing, High-Tech Marketing, Interactive Marketing,  Lead Nurturing, Niche Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Blue Tooth Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Marketing Through Newsletter, telemarketing, Event Marketing, Sponsorship Marketing,  Video Marketing , Churn Management, Marketing Audit, Word of Mouth Marketing, Neuro Marketing, Visual Marketing  and Website Marketing etc. are some of the conventional and digital marketing concepts currently practiced in globally in the marketing landscape.

Meanwhile we appreciate our valued visitors and appreciate their presence at Marketing Circle by promoting their business online, becoming our Valued partner and link partner and associates. We bring a deep gratitude to Microsoft & Lenovo .  for their trust and joining hands with Marketing Circle to authenticate our services to our valued clients. We are coming soon with IT Training Academy for on site training for students, professionals/ Instructors in the industry/Academia and  IT evangelists for their quest of learning in basic and Advance IT studies for joining Marketing Circle in Digital Literacy enhancement program.

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